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Environmental Liability and Insurance Recovery, Paperback Book

Environmental Liability and Insurance Recovery Paperback


Environmental Liability and Insurance Recovery is for the lawyer whose practice lies at the point where two areas of the legal profession - environmental law and insurance law - intersect.

These areas of the law demand the mastery of an intricately involved set of concepts, definitions, rules, and regulations - all of which are continuously developing.

Insightful clarification on the topic is provided, as well as subset of the legal issues at the crossroads of environmental law and insurance law, namely, the many ways in which a party may be exposed to environmental liability and how insurance coverage may provide financial support for such liability. Topics covered include: *Statutory Liability, related to: CERCLA, the Resource Conservation & Recovery Act, clean air and clean water acts *Tort Liability including nuisance, trespass, negligence, and strict liability *The General Liability Policy *Policy exclusions and defenses to coverage *Environmental impairment liability insurance




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