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The Mummy Lessons : The laugh-out-loud novel for all exhausted parents and parents-to-be, Paperback / softback Book

The Mummy Lessons : The laugh-out-loud novel for all exhausted parents and parents-to-be Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback


THE RULES1) Try to sleep when the baby sleeps. (SO NEVER. EVER. UNTIL YOU ARE AN EMPTY WINE-SOAKED HUSK AND FALL DOWN DEAD IN THE BABY AISLE AT TESCO)2) Try to eat when the baby sleeps. (SEE POINT ABOVE)3) Try to get basic household chores done when the baby sleeps. (ABOVE!!)4) Batch cook food and freeze in individual portions for easy re-heating. (OR DELIVEROO . . . WITH WINE. AND CRYING)5) Try hiring a cleaner to take the pressure off. (OR JUST USE BABY WIPES)6) Take time to shower or bathe in the evenings when you can leave the baby with your partner. (OR JUST USE BABY WIPES)7) Make tea or coffee in the Thermos so it stays hot. (WHAT IS THIS 'HOT' OFWHICH YOU SPEAK?!)8) Don't be afraid to ask for help, or ask people to leave. (COMMUNICATION VIA WHATSAPP ONLY)9) Remember to look after and take time for yourself. (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)After a tough pregnancy, Emily is determined to tackle motherhood like a pro.

But she quickly learns that Insta-Perfect-Parenting (and sleep) is hard to come by, no matter how much money you spend in Mothercare.

Irritatingly, her friend Molly seems to be breezing it.

But with a business venture as well as a baby, is she taking on too much?Liz looks as though she might have it all worked out.

But when a tragedy derails her new relationship, she has some serious decisions to make.

Celebrating female friendship, the highs and lows of motherhood, and the lifesaving power of a jumperoo, THE MUMMY LESSONS follows a year of highs and lows for Emily, Molly and Liz as they learn the hardest lesson of all: life doesn't always follow the rules . . . ***********What readers are saying about Helen Wallen's BABY BOOM!'Funny, sweet, real and relatable.

Couldn't put it down.''Hilarious, witty and so easy to get lost in!

This book shows the real life before and after your baby has been born!''Loved it!

Great read for mums and dads who want to keep it real!''If you've had kids, you'll laugh out loud!''Fantastic!!!

I couldn't put this book down'


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