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Dying Flames, Paperback Book

Dying Flames Paperback


Graham Broadbent, a successful novelist, enjoys a quiet life of writing and occasionally meeting up with old friends.

On the evening of one such occasion, a rather intriguing surprise arrives at his door in the form of Christabel, a pretty blonde nineteen-year-old. 'Hello Dad' are her first words as he opens the door to her.

To his knowledge, Graham has no children and he is certain that he can't be this girl's father.

There is every reason why he should do nothing about this strange intrusion into his life and just send the girl away. And yet all sorts of irrational urges make him act against his own common sense: he simply can't stop himself getting involved.

As he becomes ever more embroiled in Christa's life, Graham is forced to take a trip down memory lane. And when the girl's mother is found strangled, Graham knows he must look into the dying flames of the past to find her killer.

A masterful execution of plot and character, "Dying Flames" is the latest novel by the award-winning author Robert Barnard.




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